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Because of the explosive growth of DevOps, there is still a seemingly large amount of confusion on the topic. While I’ve written about this before, this article takes a shot at dividing things in a way that we naturally do as users, but vendors often fail to differentiate, simply because “DevOps” is a hot term, and it’s all too often about SEO and AdWords when vendors talk/write. Dev? Or Ops? DevOps has two different sources – Development that is getting Ops added in – like automated test, integration, etc., and Ops that is getting Development added in – like provisioning and configuration management. While both sides of IT are used in both, their genesis is different, and responsibility in all but a few organizations is different. Since discussing all three boxes would become more of a treatise than a blog, today we’ll focus on devOPS, and what each of these is ac... (more)

Change Management Got Bigger By @DMacVittie | @CloudExpo #Cloud

While we were busy throwing parts of our organizations into the cloud, and (for those who don’t count it as cloud) SaaS, while we were moving parts of our organization over to Python, or Node, or Swift, while we were looking into Software Defined Everything, and containers started sounding like the hosting spot for a humongous jigsaw puzzle, something was growing that we should be paying more attention to. The growth of these technologies and many more share one thing… A dependence upon other technologies. And those dependencies cascade as we get into ever more layered systems. ... (more)

The Golden Age of Data Mobility?

I was working for a mid-sized enterprise as an IT manager, a project that was on the cutting edge of technology at the time, and because it was on the cutting edge, we were using a whole slew of different embedded applications and their masters to collect data. Those masters were written on every platform imaginable – from Novell Netware to Windows to Linux to Solaris – and in every language that was common on each of the platforms. Our job was to make sense of it all. The information these systems collected was billing data, they all collected similar datasets, but all in differ... (more)

Infoblox and F5 Do DNS and Global Load Balancing Right.

If you're a large corporation, two things that are a significant challenge for your Network Administrators' are DNS management and Global Load Balancing (GLB) configuration/management. With systems spread across a region, country, or the globe, the amount of time investment required to keep things running smoothly ranges from "near zero" during quiet times to "why am I still here at midnight?" in times of major network change or outages. Until now. Two market leaders – Infoblox and F5 Networks have teamed up to make DNS – including DNSSEC – and GLB less time-consuming and error p... (more)

The Language of Provisioning By @DMacVittie | @CloudExpo #Cloud

If you think of automated provisioning as a formal written language definition, it does have some value in illuminating issues with partial automation or portions of the overall data center that are not automated. The path to automation is not a straight one at most organizations. It takes time, it takes resources, and even though there is a definable ROI, the press of business needs wins every time there is a conflict – because meeting business needs is pretty much the purpose of IT. But taking the staggered approach has costs too, and it’s good on occasion to look at them. I’ve... (more)