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Don MacVittie

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The idea of DevOps is appealing, particularly in highly complex environments. There are just so many places where a system can go wrong, let alone a complex interconnected multi-machine system like a cluster or a cloud hosting environment. As systems have become progressively more complex, there have been improvements in deployment, monitoring, and management capabilities to address  those changes in complexity. I hear frequently from current and future customers that what is appealing about StackIQ is the idea that they could take deployment, monitoring, and management, and roll them into easy to use bundles, while still maintaining adaptability. This struck me as a powerful proposition. Only a month into the job as an evangelist of the product, I thought I'd share some insight with you on how it is done, and why it is done that way. There will be more detail in th... (more)

Adding Value, Not Complexity By @DMacVittie | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

Note: This blog is cross-posted from StackIQ.com, as will others until I get my connections set up correctly. For regular readers of the StackIQ blog, Hi! I'm Don MacVittie, the new Senior Solutions Architect here at StackIQ. For regular readers of my aggregated blog, if you have not, meet StackIQ - Web Scale Infrastructure Management vendor that will knock your socks off. Introductions completed, let's move on to the topic at hand, shall we? OpenStack and Hadoop are both amazingly powerful platforms for those who need (and recognize that they need) them. We all know what private c... (more)

A Rose by Any Other Name - Appliances Are More Than Systems

One of the majors Lori and my oldest son is pursuing is in philosophy. I’ve never been a huge fan of philosophy, but as he and Lori talked, I decided to find out more, and picked up one of The Great Courses on The Philosophy of Science to try and understand where philosophy split off from hard sciences and became irrelevant or an impediment. I wasn’t disappointed, for at some point in the fifties, a philosopher posed the “If you’re a chicken, you assume when the farmer comes that he will bring food, so the day he comes with an axe, you are surprised” question. Philosophers know t... (more)

The Question Is Not "Are You Ready for Cloud Storage?"

I recently read a piece in Network Computing Magazine that was pretty disparaging of NAS devices, and with a hand-wave the author pronounced NAS dead, long live cloud storage. Until now, storage has been pretty much immune to the type of hype that “The Cloud” gets. Sure, there have been some saying that we should use the cloud for primary storage, and others predicting that it will kill this or that technology, but the outrageous and intangible claims that accompany placing your applications in the cloud. My favorite, repeated even by a lot of people I respect, is that cloud mys... (more)

Application Mobility: Virtualize This!

We in IT have spent a ton of time, ink, and electrons discussing server virtualization, and with good reason. Server virtualization did wonders for IT as an industry, offering hardware independence for older applications – many an OS/2 app that was necessary but not “cool” ended up on VMware to relieve worries that the hardware it was running on might break, and a lot of poorly utilized servers were consolidated. Meanwhile, we greatly ignored all the other bits of virtualization while they were growing up. Application Virtualization has been around forever, and yet we don’t spill... (more)