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Don MacVittie

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The evolution of IT operations is upon us. There has been a lot of change in both direction and momentum over the last several years, and at this point, it is not hard to see the future of Ops. Perhaps, having worked for a networking firm and a server automation firm, it is easier to see than for the average operations person, so let’s just take a look at the burgeoning ops trends and technologies and see where they ultimately lead us… APIs for Infrastructure gear. The days of memorizing ten different command line interfaces are rapidly coming to a close. While GUIs exist for most modern infrastructure equipment (switches, routers, load balancers, etc), increasingly every one of them also has a working API. That means they can be controlled at a very functional level from third party applications. As one example of this trend in useful action, check out AppViewX. A th... (more)

If Hardware Is Commodity... By @DMacVittie | @CloudExpo #Cloud

If Hardware is Commodity... Why Are We Still Spending so Much Time on It? We really are moving in the direction of truly commoditized hardware. Some uses will always have specific requirements that are not mainstream and thus will require specialized builds; this is true in every industry. But increasingly, who made your hardware and where they got their parts from is a secondary issue. Which makes one consider what really sells hardware these days. Years ago when I was working for Network Computing, I reviewed a low-end blade server company capable of cranking up blades at a fra... (more)

It Is Past Time to Deconstruct #DevOps By @DMacVittie | @DevOpsSummit #Containers #Microservices

It is interesting to me how quickly the hype cycle of a good thing can turn it into a monster that will inevitably eat itself, leaving a much smaller – and much more useful – concept or toolset behind. It has happened over and over in high tech, one need only say “XML” to understand what I mean. It is definitely a useful tool for some jobs, but the “XML Everywhere” craze was insane. People declaring such patently false ideas as “It will end the need for programmers.” Thankfully for those of us using it, XML in the enterprise is largely a data-at-rest tool for small datasets (inc... (more)

The Cloud Is in a Datacenter By @DMacVittie | @CloudExpo #Cloud #Containers

The Cloud Is in a Datacenter Funny thing about the never-ending discussions of cloud, virtualization, and containers out here in pundit-land… Most writers blithely ignore the one truth that all of us need to be reminded of on occasion. Your cloud is built on hardware. Yes indeed, I did say that out loud. Talk about fifteen layers of server/network virtualization all you like, SDX your way into the 22nd century, but never forget that someone somewhere is racking and stacking to make it happen. Why does that matter? Well for a lot of reasons, though they can be broken into the us... (more)

v.10 - iSessions in the Cloud (or a remote data center, you choose)

Well, I’ve covered the basics of iSessions – a secure, optimized tunnel between two BIG-IPs – so now it’s time to talk about usefulness, both today and going forward. Since iSessions are an infrastructure issue, the following works for redundant data centers also, assuming they have BIG-IPs in them, it’s just that cloud is the buzzword du-jour, and there’s actually a teentsy bit more benefit to using them for the cloud. First off, I assume that your cloud vendor has BIG-IPs (that is a safe assumption as of today), but you’re living in the real world, check with them first, there... (more)