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Ask two politically opposed people in any given country about the causes of the country’s problems, and guess what? Each will give you an answer filtered through their world-view. Through what they know, and what they believe. That is not to say one is right and one is wrong, both simply see things in the manner their background and experiences tell them is right. We definitely live in interesting times. Server virtualization has just about reached saturation, application development is going through a wide range of changes from the return of automated testing to continuous integration and the other facets of DevOps, SDN is the next wonder of the world, once we agree what exactly it is capable of and where it fits best, cloud didn’t conquer the world, and people are still building physical datacenters, yet cloud offers solutions to some problems. And all of this is c... (more)

Making Android SSL Work Correctly

Connecting via SSL in Android. Correctly and securely. Mimic browser functionality with untrusted certs and hostname mismatches Okay, for those of you who’ve been waiting, this is the blog. For those who haven’t, welcome, we’re going to talk about https connections (specifically) on Android (TM) from within a native app and connecting to sites that Android views as possible security risks. Easy like learning to drive if your face was in your navel. But I’ve tried to make the issues and the code as clean and clear as possible for you. Hope it is of some assistance. I’m going to ... (more)

Force Multipliers and Strategic Points of Control Revisited

On occasion I have talked about military force multipliers. These are things like terrain and minefields that can make your force able to do their job much more effectively if utilized correctly. In fact, a study of military history is every bit as much a study of battlefields as it is a study of armies. He who chooses the best terrain generally wins, and he who utilizes tools like minefields effectively often does too. Rommel in the desert often used Wadis to hide his dreaded 88mm guns – that at the time could rip through any tank the British fielded. For the last couple of year... (more)

Load Balancing for Developers: Security and TCP Optimizations

It has been a while since I wrote a Load Balancing for Developers installment, and since they’re pretty popular and there’s still a lot about Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) that are taken for granted in the Networking industry but relatively unknown in the development world, I thought I’d throw one out about making your security more resilient with ADCs. For those who are just joining this series, here’s the full list of posts I’ve tagged as Load Balancing for Developers, though only the ones whose title starts with “Load Balancing for Developers” or “Advance Load Bal... (more)

v.10 Logical Volume Manager

One of the cool new items in v.10 is the use of a logical volume manager (LVM) to create and manage multiple “partitions”. This is the last time I will use the term “partition” to refer to v.10 disk space in this post, since partitioning was the way things were done prior to v.10, moving forward we use the volume system. Considerations The first thing to do is decide if LVM is the right tool for you. Like most massively cool technologies, it supersedes the system it is designed to replace. While we do our best to provide backward compatibility, this is one instance where the sy... (more)