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In the currently high-flying world of DevOps, automation is the king. We are "automating all of the things" at a pretty astounding rate, and it is increasing productivity by reducing the man-hours invested in repetitive work. All very cool, but there is a dark side to automation, and that's control. While automating the entire datacenter is very cool, immature products sometimes lack the ability to let operators step in and approve changes before rolling them out. Traditionally, the "review and approve" step is part and parcel of automation. New "just do it" tools are normally equipped with a review step to increase their appeal to datacenter teams during the verification and acceptance phase of rollout. But DevOps got ahead of itself, and some vendors, wanting to move faster than competitors, started building their tools to take action by default, and not provide... (more)

DevOps and Automation | @DevOpsSummit #DevOps #ML #Microservices

Because of the explosive growth of DevOps, there is still a seemingly large amount of confusion on the topic. While I’ve written about this before [link to DevOps article], this article takes a shot at dividing things in a way that we naturally do as users, but vendors often fail to differentiate, simply because “DevOps” is a hot term, and it’s all too often about SEO and AdWords when vendors talk/write. Dev? Or Ops? DevOps has two different sources – Development that is getting Ops added in – like automated test, integration, etc., and Ops that is getting Development added in –... (more)

If Hardware Is Commodity... By @DMacVittie | @CloudExpo #Cloud

If Hardware is Commodity... Why Are We Still Spending so Much Time on It? We really are moving in the direction of truly commoditized hardware. Some uses will always have specific requirements that are not mainstream and thus will require specialized builds; this is true in every industry. But increasingly, who made your hardware and where they got their parts from is a secondary issue. Which makes one consider what really sells hardware these days. Years ago when I was working for Network Computing, I reviewed a low-end blade server company capable of cranking up blades at a fra... (more)

The Cloud Is in a Datacenter By @DMacVittie | @CloudExpo #Cloud #Containers

The Cloud Is in a Datacenter Funny thing about the never-ending discussions of cloud, virtualization, and containers out here in pundit-land… Most writers blithely ignore the one truth that all of us need to be reminded of on occasion. Your cloud is built on hardware. Yes indeed, I did say that out loud. Talk about fifteen layers of server/network virtualization all you like, SDX your way into the 22nd century, but never forget that someone somewhere is racking and stacking to make it happen. Why does that matter? Well for a lot of reasons, though they can be broken into the us... (more)

Encouraging Electronics for Youth By @DMacvittie | @CloudExpo #Cloud

Teaching young children about electronics is difficult. If you are a parent that isn't knowledgeable about electronic circuits, you feel like you have to study before teaching, and if you are a parent that is knowledgeable about circuits, you have to try and balance all that you know against holding the child's interest. This balance is all too often broken by a parent wanting to impart the very important information like how to read the bands on a resistor, while the child wants to just do it. If you read my blog regularly, you know that it is rare for me to plug a company's pr... (more)