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Don MacVittie

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While we were sweating VM bloat, and throwing barbs at each other about VMs versus containers, it snuck up on us. While some were decrying that cloud would end the datacenter, while others laughed and said public cloud was a non-starter, and still more scoffed at hybrid cloud, it snuck up on us. While big name vendors hawked “Data center in a box” that had integration and automation all sewed up, and bare metal automation was growing up, it jump-scared us. While application integration tools and CI/CD were gaining their stripes, it stood up and announced “I AM ULTIMATION”. We have reached the point where there is nothing, configuration wise that you can’t do quickly and reliably. From bare metal installers like Satellite or Stacki to full on application dependency and configuration tools like Puppet and SaltStack, to Spinning up VM-light from Kitematic’s beta or comm... (more)

The One Thing All IT Shops Will Do in 2011

Happy New Year! Out with the old, in with the new! No really. I know that a  sane IT manager or network admin is averse to change just because there is so much natural change in our particular industry, but this is one of those times where you can run, but you can’t hide. The one thing nearly all of us will be doing in 2011? Taking some form of remedial action to address IPv6. Some smart cookies were proactive, others won’t have to change this year, but most of us will be figuring out what to do in order to get more address space. If you’ve read up on any of the hoopla over the ... (more)

Databases in the Cloud Revisited

A few of us were talking on Facebook about high speed rail (HSR) and where/when it makes sense the other day, and I finally said that it almost never does. Trains lost out to automobiles precisely because they are rigid and inflexible, while population densities and travel requirements are highly flexible. That hasn’t changed since the early 1900s, and isn’t likely to in the future, so we should be looking at different technologies to answer the problems that HSR tries to address. And since everything in my universe is inspiration for either blogging or gaming, this lead me to re... (more)

That Other Single Point of Failure

When you’re a kid at the beach, you spend a lot of time and effort building a sand castle. It’s cool, a lot of fun, and doomed to destruction. When high tide, or random kids, or hot sun come along, the castle is going to fall apart. It doesn’t matter, kids build them every year by the thousands, probably by the millions across the globe. Each is special and unique, each took time and effort, and each will fall apart. The thing is, they’re all over the globe, and seasons are different all over the globe, so it is conceivable that there is a sand castle built or being built every ... (more)

Bare Metal Blog: Maximized Capacity

When you purchase a high-end storage array, it is not generally advised that you half fill the racks and then forget about it, purchasing a new empty rack to fill when next you need high-end storage. Knowing how the firmware is configured on a BIG-IP, we can chat about some of the more interesting aspects of hardware, firmware, and devices overall. One of the truly interesting bits to me is the proclivity of many organizations to purchase a high-end, bladed ADC system and not fill the rack. I remember way back in the day when my cohorts in the networking and storage (FC SAN) spa... (more)